Hello, My name is Shane Moseley.

   I have been updating homes in the Champaign-Urbana area for over 16 years. I have solved a lot of house problems in that time and made many friends along the way.

   I normally work from your directions and design ideas but I can always help out with those as well.
   I started my own company in 2009 and then joined Angie's List in 2010 and have been scheduled several months out ever since thanks to the kind reviews from your neighbors and my attention to detail on every update.
   I have always been an artist with an eye for detail and I take pride in my work.

   I work hard to keep the positive "A" reviews coming into Angie's List.
   The time between now and your project start date can be used to answer any questions and collect the materials that may need to be ordered.
   I also do try to fit smaller projects in throughout the year.

   The demand for my services has increased greatly in the past 3 years so send me an email now to get on the waiting list.
   Just click the "contact us" page then click the email address and send me your contact info and schedule a free meeting to start your home improvement, renovation or home remodeling.

Thank You!

Shane Moseley

Decorative Seamless Concrete Countertops...

Elaborate or basic tile.

...With "Ambient Glow Technology"